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Peets Coffee Review – Major Dickason Blend

Spotlight: Peets Coffee Review. Peet’s Ground Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend is famous for combining coffee from different coffee growing regions of the world. The blend promises to come together well even though they use different types of coffee beans in the coffee. The biggest risk of mixing different varieties of coffee beans is that every bean has its distinctive aroma and character which might not blend together to create the unique taste. However, Peet’s Ground Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend has done it quite well. Judging by the customer reviews online, one gets a feeling that there are numerous fans of this unique blend.

Peets Coffee Review

By design, roasted bean coffee is flavorful and impressively satisfying. Major Dickason’s Blend meets this criteria and then some! The day I tasted Major Dickason’s Blend, I knew I stumbled upon a unique flavor. In my search for medium roast coffee, I often end up tasting some obnoxious brews. I am pleasantly surprised by Major Dickason’s Blend. All gourmet coffee near me had failed me badly, but this one simply stood out.

Peets Coffee Review - A blend of coffee beans from around the world

Major Dickason’s is a blend of beans from around the world!

History of the Blend

As the story goes, the Major Dickason’s Blend comes from one of Pete’s earliest customers. Retired Sergeant Dickason. Working closely with Pete’s founder, they created this blend after sampling many varieties of coffee beans from across the globe. Mr. Peet was so happy with the results, he gave his friend a promotion to Major Dickason. Great story.
Dark roasted coffee with a complex and rich smoothness are the characteristics that make every cup of Major Dickason’s Blend excellent. You look for that ultimate blend while brewing and I guess the brewer’s at Peet’s Ground Coffee realized that they had a winner on their hands. If you adorn your gourmet coffee gift baskets with Major Dickason’s Blend, then you will not only gift great coffee but also get complimented later for your choice.

What works for Peet’s Ground Coffee

Pretty much everything works for Peet’s Ground Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend because this medium roast coffee offers multi-layered flavor with a very complex and smooth body. This blend delivers a perfect cup with a French press, but you can try it out with other methods as well.

What doesn’t work for Peet’s Ground Coffee

Gourmet coffee fans across the globe do not take to blends whole-heartedly as they keep yearning for that mystical coffee that only beans from particular regions can provide. The best coffee in the world is natural coffee. This is probably the only downside of choosing Peet’s Ground Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend. If you are not so rigid about your cup of coffee, then give this an honest try.

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