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Certified Organic Gourmet Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans

Organic Gourmet Coffee

Coffee has a long history and might be considered the most popular drink on the planet. Millions of people cannot wait to have their energetic cup of coffee in the morning to give them that kick of energy they need to function and work. Organic Gourmet Coffee is especially popular with coffee lovers because it is the best coffee on the planet and for the planet. 

What is organic gourmet coffee?

Organic gourmet coffee is coffee that grows without the use of any insecticides or pesticides in healthy detoxified soil. The coffee plants are not genetically modified. The coffee growers cultivate and prepare the beans without using any pesticides. In fact, from planting to the packaging, there is nothing artificial about the process. Latin America countries produce 75% of all the organic coffee.

For growers to achieve Organic status, the United States requires three conditions:

  • The land must be free of synthetic pesticides
  • Appropriate distance between the organic coffee plants and another conventional crop
  • Practice crop rotation to prevent nutrient depletion and soil erosion

Read about the National Organic Program here.

What are the different types of beans?

Typically speaking, organic gourmet coffee is more expensive than regular ground coffee that many people buy. However, there is a good reason why this kind of coffee is more expensive. Gourmet coffee is organic in the sense that it contains no chemicals or preservatives. Raising these coffee beans in the best conditions delivers a delicious cup of coffee time after time.

The taste of different coffee beans depends on the elevation, terrain, and soil. Roasting the beans to a perfect temperature and texture maximizes the flavor, color, and aroma resulting directly from the attention they receive during the growing phase.

Shade-grown coffee

Organic shade-grown coffee grows in the shades of rain forests without having to clear the land. The coffee is rather slow to mature but is of excellent quality and taste. This coffee will have a profound, rich taste and is rather expensive. Coffee experts mostly agree the best shade-grown coffee comes from Guatemala.

Shade-grown organic coffee plants in Guatemala

Organic coffee plants in Guatemala grown in the shade of the trees.

Kona coffee

Growing their coffee in the volcanic soil of the Kona region in Hawaii produces a bold unique brand of organic gourmet coffee. This coffee will have a distinctive smell and taste due to the type of soil it grows in. Natural fertilizers from volcanic ashes and helps the coffee flourish in a beautiful way. The best variety would be the Pea-Berry variety.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee - Great coffee

Kona coffee beans from Hawaii grown in nutrient rich volcanic soil.

Green coffee

Green organic coffee is another gourmet option. Here the coffee comes from unroasted beans. It contains many nutrients including antioxidants that are better fighting free radicals than the ones found in green tea. Green coffee from the southern regions of India is most delicious.

Green organic coffee

Green coffee grown in Southern India. All the health benefits of Green Tea.

What are the benefits of organic gourmet coffee?

Many people love this kind of coffee for the unmatched kick of energy it gives at the beginning of the day. In addition to the amazing taste advantage over commercial lower grade coffee, organic coffee offers attractive, healthy benefits:

  • Organic gourmet coffee is naturally more beneficial to use than processed coffee because no chemicals enhance the plant growth and no insecticides or pesticides protect the plant from natural preditors. Consuming such chemicals is dangerous for your health.
  • Organic gourmet coffee will grow naturally in fertile soil that is rich in beneficial nutrients. These nutrients will travel up the plant and will add to the health benefits of the coffee.
  • Organic coffee is rich in antioxidants that fight off free radicals in the body. Many studies show free radicals cause cell aging and cell mutations including cancer. Organic coffee boosts your metabolism, keeps you alert and increases your energy level.

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Author: Cathy Pearson

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