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Photo of green coffee beans growing naturally

Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans – A Healthy Alternative

The health benefits of drinking coffee are and always will be a topic of debate. Doctors, dentists, and nutrition experts warn us of the hazards of drinking coffee. The existence of green coffee emerged in 2012 as a natural weight loss supplement. Green Coffee beans are a healthy alternative to standard coffee beans too. They possess the same health benefits of green tea but give you that distinct and delicious coffee flavor.

Photo of unroasted Green Coffee Beans

Unroasted Coffee Beans

The best green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans. Let me say that again – Unroasted. Green coffee beans are the unroasted seeds of the plant Coffea Arabica. These coffee beans are a rich source of chlorogenic acid, a compound with excellent antioxidant properties. Due to the heat applied, the roasting process removes natural antioxidants. Fortunately, most harvested green coffee beans do not go through the same procedure and hence retain their healthy ingredients.

Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans

Weight Loss

First, coffee brewed with green coffee beans is effective in weight loss. A primary active ingredient of green coffee is a chlorogenic acid compound which boosts the process of burning excess fat. The chlorogenic acid promotes fat loss by increasing the activity of the gene PPAR-alpha and hence reduces the creation of new fat cells.

Controlling High Blood Pressure

In addition to weight loss, chlorogenic acid is proven to be useful in reducing high blood pressure. Research suggests green tea and coffee stimulates the cleansing of arteries, as a result reducing blood pressure significantly.

Powerful Antioxidants

Finally, green coffee beans and its derivative compounds provide multiple antioxidant properties that help in reducing the harmful effects of cell damaging free radicals in the body. Elevated levels of antioxidants naturally occur in green coffee beans and, as a result, are key to your immune system.

Will Green Coffee Work for You?

A friendly word of warning. Although the benefits of both green tea and green coffee beans are immense; a lot of other factors such as price, effectiveness for individual cases, availability, and customer reviews should play a significant role when it comes to choosing between the two. Furthermore, it is important to realize that not all weight loss products and other natural supplements work in a similar way for different individuals. Do your research and make your pick after considering all the above-said factors.

Buy Coffee Beans Online

While green coffee is indeed becoming more popular, it is hard to find at your local coffee shops and stores. The best place to buy green coffee beans is online. Naturally, Amazon tops the list. However, many smaller retailers and specialty coffee producers feature online options. Here are a few to consider:

Author: Cathy Pearson

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