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Death Wish Coffee Review

Death Wish Coffee Company claims that it is “most highly caffeinated premium dark roast organic coffee in the world.” Well, it is time to find out how a set of coffee beans has 200% higher coffee than a typical cup available at coffee shops nearby your house.

At First Glance

Going by the branding, it is not surprising the beans are quite dark which is unusual for a coffee claiming to have high caffeine content. Generally speaking, lighter coffee roasts have higher caffeine content. When I tasted this cup of coffee, it failed to match up to the darkly roasted bean coffee. The dark color is courtesy the Robusta beans and not the usual Arabica beans that have quite low caffeine content. Our dark roast aficionado gives the color of the beans a big thumbs up. Dark Roast coffee – Why we love it!

My First Cup

Death Wish Coffee definitely has a very smooth taste something that dark roast coffee fans will appreciate. The claim of being the world’s strongest coffee seems more like a buzz than reality. I was able to sip through my cup without adding sugar or milk. Even after gulping down two cups of the highly acclaimed Death Wish specialty coffee, I was not as high as I had expected. I was not shaking-high, but I was tingling-high for sure!

What works for Death Wish Coffee

Taste is the thing that makes gourmet coffee ‘great’. Death Wish is quite decent in taste and it is not a waste of money to order your first bag. Their marketing is top notch. Their logo stands out amongst other specialty coffee blends and I love wearing their cap on the golf course.

Death Wish Coffee Hat

Death Wish Coffee Hat – Snipped from their website. © 2017

What does not work for Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is a gourmet blend coffee that tastes fine, but the true punch is missing. I expected more, much more! If the makers of this coffee had not made such high claims or created the buzz around their usual cuppa, I might not feel so disappointed. In the end, it is only a cup of medium roast coffee, and there is nothing special as the buzz might suggest. The coffee house near me serves the same quality, so there is nothing overly exciting about Death Wish Coffee.

Conclusion – Very Good but not Great

The coffee cafe near me serves high-quality coffee and the Death Wish Coffee is nothing exceptional in taste. The claims made by the company are mostly to create the buzz around a new brew. To say Death Wish Coffee is all hype is not right either. It is definitely bold and flavorful. Even though it is good to taste, I would still prefer the finer coffee blends from the nearest coffee shop.

   Reviewer Disclaimer: This product review is 100% honest. We purchase the products and do not accept promotional gifts from companies.

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Author: Jet Fuel